Brand Policy

A customized support service

Our Senior Consultant offers you an exclusive methodology that will be specifically tailored to your company’s profile. This methodology is based on our wide-ranging experience and in-depth knowledge in the area of Industrial Property.

Build and write your company’s trademark policy

A trademark policy should first be materialized in a written document, for easy reference and sharing.

The document will define the guidelines you need to properly inform and take your decisions over the long term.

A Brand Policy includes and combines the following issues :

  • Legal aspects associated with your intangible assets
  • Pending Legal issues on your tardemark Portofolio : weak distinctiveness, notoriety, litigation
  • Your company’s objectives in terms of business and/or geographic development
  • Budget allocated to the implementation of your trademark policy
  • Assessment of the internal or external resources required for implementing your policy
  • Building information flows between contributors

Based on these datas, an Operational Legal Charter will be written with clear guidelines on the following key points :

  • Trademark management guidelines
    –  Strategy of protection
    –  Strategy of Defense
    –  Guidelines regarding communication and use of the brand in the course of trade

What are the advantages to write and share your Brand Policy?

  • Consistency of the actions
  • Continuity of the strategy
  • Short or middle term cost-savings
  • Saving time in making decision
  • Foreseeability for budget and actions
  • Increasing brand value
  • Increasing the protection of the brands


Evaluate the efficiency of your Brand Policy through key performance indicators (kpis)

A KPI is a substantiated figure that delivers a precise piece of information, e.g. average dispute settlement time; proximity of the legal department vis-à-vis the frontline teams; sustainment of the company’s intangible capital…


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