Assets valuation

Estimate your IP rights!

Building upon our legal expertise exclusively focused on trademarks and domain names, we can determine and deploy adequate strategies to optimize, manage and defend the value of these IP rights.
You will benefit from high operational know-how carefully adapted to your situation and aspirations. This will include:

  • Analysis of the economic and competitive environment of your IP rights
  • Evaluation of the legal strength of your rights (fundamental value, legal transferability, reaction capability…)
  • Reinforcement of the legal basis of your protection, in consistency with your business activity, your positioning and your development
  • Selection of the most suitable legal tools, steps and mechanisms to secure and enhance the value of your trademarks and domain names


Precise evaluation of your IP rights is a matter of logic assessment.This is a prerequisite to any financial transactions, from straightforward transfers, through quantification of a damage, to private equity management.Evaluation is also needed to quantify the exact value of an intangible asset at a particular moment.

With this in mind, our department offers to take a holigistic legal approach based on three major lines of action :

  • Asses your IP rights
  • Optimize your creations value
  • Estimate your intangible assets
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