Cameroon is the second main African beneficiary of Chinese funding.

02 09, 2016

Commercial exchanges between China and Cameroon reached USD 2.6 billion in 2015, the Chinese ambassador in Cameroon, Wei Wenhua, revealed in an interview with the pro-government newspaper. Based on this statistics, the Chinese diplomat highlighted, “China is currently the main trade partner of Cameroon”.

Cameroon comes far behind Angola with USD 21.20 billion, Ethiopia (USD 12.3 billion), Sudan (USD 5.58 billion), Kenya (USD 5.19 billion), the Democratic Republic of Congo (USD 4.91 billion), Congo (USD 3.7 billion), Nigeria (USD 3.5 billion) and Ghana (USD 3.1 billion).

Therefore, this information again confirms the importance for the Chinese to protect their trademarks in Africa, especially at OAPI (which automatically covers 17 African countries) in order to preserve their rights against fraudulent filings.


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