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INLEX AFRICA is the first French Law firm specializing in IntellectualProperty Protection to be located in Africa.

INLEX AFRICA sees the light of day thanks to the founding fathers of INLEX IP Expertise who for the past twenty years have developed huge expertise nd specialization in the field of IP in France and in Africa while representing their clients within the OAPI (African Intellectual Property Organization) and ARIPO (African Regional IntellectualProperty Organization) jurisdiction.

INLEX AFRICA is, therefore, created to represent the interests of their clients in Africa.

In order to serve better the needs of the clients and with the desire to be at the heart of Intellectual Property activities on the continent, INLEX AFRICA chose to open its first African office in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Located closer to the OAPI, INLEX AFRICA can jump to attend to its clients’ needs at short notice.

2 years after its creation, Inlex Africa is able to intervene on the whole African territory , thanks to the opening of new offices :


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